Gedney Farm Wedding by Charmed Places

January 27, 2012 – Aimee Rochon

Oh my goodness, this wedding is like my dream wedding come true. Each and every detail is so beyond gorgeous and I’m literally dying over the fabulous images from Photo Pink! I’m loving the mix of glamourous touches juxtaposed with the pretty rustic vibe of the venue and I’m sure that the design and planning geniuses at Charmed Places had a ball with this rustic glam fete. This is totally where it’s at! Definitely click here for more.

Jaime & Jeff
New Marlborough, MA Spring 2011
Photo Credit: Emily Dryden
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From the bride… I know every wedding is unique. Too many details go into them to not be and too many wedding magazines told me so. But I loved the decision we made for our officiants – our dads! – and knew just how unique it was when not one person (town clerk, venue contact, wedding planner, all guests) had heard of a (non-clergy member) dual-dad ceremony. Aside from marrying Jeff (and wearing flats), it was the best decision made that day. Though Jeff and I are both Jewish, neither of us approaches the religion from anything more than a customary perspective. On this day of ‘us’ it didn’t make sense to bring in someone to forever bind us using Hebrew that we didn’t understand and quoting beliefs that simply didn’t mean anything to us. What did mean something to us: both of our parents were still successfully married and incredibly in love. They had nearly eight decades of combined marital experience under their belts. They were both married the second weekend of June. We wanted our ceremony to be about love, about finding soul mates, and about learning what makes this work. We also opted not to break a good tradition and get married ourselves the second weekend of June.

We asked my dad first. I think my mom may have tipped him off to this as I made the mistake of mentioning it to her first. He was humbled, honored, and accepted the role, while quickly adding “But if you realize that this is as crazy as it is and want to back out, I won’t take offense.” Typical advice from my dad, who’s always been keen on making sure I knew to never feel pigeonholed growing up – with his most famous line being (when I was too young to even think of marriage): “If we’re at your wedding and about to walk down the aisle, and you feel that any part of this is off – I don’t care what’s been paid for, I don’t care how many people came in to town for you – we will turn right around, no questions asked, and figure it all out. Don’t feel pressured.” As a side note, I was lucky enough to pull him aside right before I DID actually walk down the aisle to let him know I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. Jeff’s parents had a slightly different response. After sitting them both down, we told them there was something important we wanted to talk to them about. This set off an endless round of guesses. “No, we’re not having a baby,” and “No, we didn’t run off and get married already.” So by the time we got around to asking, they were totally caught off guard and a bit dumbfounded. “But … is it legal?!” This is a question Gary asked us up until our wedding day. We assured him it was, and the two dads took to the internet to become ordained Universal Life Ministers. An official card and a bumper sticker stating his new title helped to abate Gary’s fears.

We opted not to hear it ahead of time as we wanted to be in the moment and LISTEN to what they were sharing with us, rather than go through the motions of a ceremony we were all too familiar with. All four parents had endless conference calls in which my mom read my lines, Jeff’s mom read Jeff’s lines, and the dads turned their emotions into a perfect script. They had one rule: they both had to agree to what was incorporated, and if one didn’t feel it was right, it was dropped, not brought to trial. The result was magical, memorable and something that the town clerk, our wedding planner, and our guests had never witnessed before … a marriage by the dads. After Jeff was walked down the aisle by both his parents, Gary stood under the chuppah (a nod to tradition and the one concession we made to my mom who jokingly – kind of – said “But you’re both Jewish, of course you need it!”). After the bridal party made their way to the front, both my parents walked my down the aisle. My dad joined Gary, the moms brought black choir robes to their respective husbands (a touch the dads insisted upon to clearly separate their roles of ‘officiant’ and ‘dad’) and it began. The whole ceremony, every page of which I loved, was timed to 28 minutes and was nearly 40 pages long. We have a signed copy by the dads in our living room, and leaf through it often to remind ourselves of the lessons learned and that moment the four of us shared.

Wedding Photography: Emily Dryden of Photo Pink / Second Photographer: Leigh Anna Thompson / Event Planning + Coordination: Lydia FitzGerald of Charmed Places / Event Design + Florals: Linda Baldwin Flowers and Decor / Wedding Venue + Catering: Gedney Farm in New Marlborough, Massachusetts / Cinematography: Vantage Point Films / Cupcakes: Barrington Bites / Music: Soulsystem Orchestras / Wedding Invitations: The Village Invites / Wedding Dress: Gustavo Cadile / After-Party Venue: Mepal Manor